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Dustless Sandblasting

Dustless Blasting removes both paint and rust in one step.

This contractor stayed at 90 PSI when blasting, but adjusted his standoff distance to be more gentle on the hood, doors, and roof. These parts can be thinner and require a more delicate touch.

On the rest of the car, he blasted more thoroughly, to a near-white metal finish.

Keeping pressure up forces you back, and you get a bigger blast pattern and less heat in a larger area. That’s the most important thing on blasting.
— Kent P, Hava Blast

One Step
Remove paint, primer, rust, and body filler in just one step.

No Warping
Water reduces friction and heat, which are normally responsible for warping.

Any Surface
Adjust your pressure and media to go from blasting fiberglass to solid steel.

Rust Inhibitor keeps the surface clean and free of flash rust for 72 hours.