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About Us

We started as AutoColor back in 1988 Originally out of Oxnard, CA, after a few years we moved our Operations out East to get away from the fast changing EPA laws and just to get out of California that should be enough said…

In 1992 we opened up in Parker, AZ, a small town that sits right on the Colorado River. It’s a beautiful town with great people our start was small and we could only fit 2 cars into the shop but it was great location and very inexpensive. Unfortunately after a few short months we had a break in and we lost everything! All of our tools and equipment were stolen. Yes Beautiful Parker wasn’t so beautiful anymore. But the Police Department did a great job and they found the people that did it. We were granted full restitution and were given 10% interest

It took ten years of hard work and pinching pennies to be able to buy all the tools and equipment needed to re-open again. In 2002 AutoColor was reborn in a small shop in the same beautiful town and things were good we had a 1500 SQFT shop and everything was clicking in our favor.

In 2003 we moved a few buildings over to a 5000 SQFT shop and incorporated into AutoColorFX we started selling and installing auto accessories including wheels tires and suspension kits and stereo systems. We earned a great reputation and where going strong. As you know with growth there comes pain. We couldn’t keep up with the demand we were out of space and we needed to expand ( we really didn’t we just thought we did ) 2 years later we went for the jump and opened a brand new facility 20,000 SQFT shop with a 1500 SQFT showroom. We purchased a huge paint booth 78’Lx16’Hx14’W yeah that was a real booth! New frame machine and top of the line equipment we were doing primarily commercial repairs we had almost all the major commercial contracts Penske, Ryder, UHaul, UPS, Fed-EX we were doing the Garbage trucks for Yuma county, La. Paz County and Mohave County. we were manufacturing boats for HTM2 and we had 2 shifts running 6 days a week. Yeah it was great super busy but with that ? Growth means? Yes Pain…..along came issues that we couldn’t see coming. The economy took a nose dive and everyone started to pinch pennies. Most our contracts started dealing with blemishes instead of having them repaired. We made the attempt to get through the storm but after we started getting to the point of no return we decided that it was time for us to say goodbye. It was one of the hardest decisions we had to make.

In 2009 AutoColorFX officially closed its doors. It’s sad but its reality. Anytime a business closes it’s embarrassing for the owner. In this case I believe I did the right thing and I can still attend town functions with my head held high.

It’s been 7 years and we are ready to try it again not as big as we were before but this time we are being realistic. We expect to do all we did before just in a smaller scale we have added a few things to our arsenal! We are now doing Hydrographic’s and are also doing the Plast-Dip process both our new in the automotive market and well, we are trying to keep up. Yes we are older but with that comes the Experience I have been painting for almost 30 years now and I can say it is the passion that makes the business succeed!

Our new location is located in the Beautiful Town of Parker at 1801 S California Ave. Parker, AZ 85344 for the locals its the old OB’s Pub Building.

We do warranty work for most major boat manufacturers we are approved repair shop for Ryder, Penske and U-Haul We also do UPS, Fed-EX and US Postal Service. We are GSA approved so we are approved to do all the Federal Goverment’s repairs. We do all the work for the City of Parker including Police and Fire same for La Paz County including  all the patrol cars for the Sheriff’s dept. We also do Quartzsite’s Police and Fire units. We are approved by AZ DPS for all the Highway Patrols units. We just started doing Metropolitan Water District’s Repairs and are aslo doing the warranty work for our local Ford and Linclon Dealer.

We sell and install performance auto accessories.  Suspension air bag kits lift kits suspension and body kits as well as lowering kits. If its available we can get it we are approved by most major manufacturers to install and service their brands and products.

We specialize in frame off restorations and we currently have the biggest paint booth in the county its a 65′ long commercial paint booth. So we can do almost anything.